OurCrowd Interviews SpaceIL

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OurCrowd is proud to present a discussion with Yariv Bash, co-founder of SpaceIL. Three young engineers (Yariv, Kfir and Yonatan) discovered they shared a dream of creating a grassroots Israeli space program to reach the moon... and SpaceIL was born.


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Tuesday, June 10th

7:00PM Israel | 12:00PM New York | 9:00AM San Francisco


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SpaceIL and Israel's place in the "new space race"

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SpaceIL now includes 20 full-time staff and 250 volunteers, including scientists and engineers donating their wisdom, expertise and time. SpaceIL has the active support of Israel's top academic and industry leadership, including the head of the Israel Space Agency, the president of the Weizmann Institute, the president of Tel Aviv University, Israel Aerospace Industries and Bezeq, among many others. We are also honored to have the ongoing support of President Shimon Peres and Rona Ramon, widow of Astronaut Ilan Ramon. Please join OurCrowd's Zack Miller and SpaceIL's Yariv Bash to discuss Israel's crowdfunded race to the moon, the Google Lunar X Prize, and the emergence of entire Israeli space industry -- bootstrapped and lean.

This webinar will feature the team behind SpaceIL being interviewed by Zack Miller, partner at OurCrowd. OurCrowd is an Israel-based global equity crowdfunding site and one of Israel's most active early stage technology investors. Join OurCrowd's series of educational webinars to get the inside scoop on the technology trends coming out of Israel that are shaping our world. Find out more at blog.ourcrowd.com